Google Showing (1) In Shopify Website Title In Search Result

Google Showing (1) In Shopify Website Title In Search Result: Issue Resolved

Google Showing (1) In Shopify Website Title In Search Result

There have been so many complaints in the past couple of weeks that Google is showing (1) in the title of some of the Shopify websites search results. Google has investigated and found that the issue is due to some chat features that are activated on the Shopify website. These chatbot scripts add (1) in the title of websites.

What this issue really is:

To understand what this issue really is, let's check out the website that had this issue a week ago. We found this website on the Shopify community forum. Where a member asked for its website.

google search result showing 1 in shopify website title

Google was showing (1) in the website title as shown in the image.

Why does this issue come up?

Google has found that this issue comes up in the Shopify websites that are using the chat app. This chat app script adds the "(1)" in the website title automatically.

How does this website look after the issue gets resolved:

After Google has resolved the issue. And recrawled and reprocessed the website, now the website’s titles in the search result are without (1).

google search result after the issue is resolved

So, Google has automatically resolved the issue and removed the (1) from the search result. If your website is getting the same issue and not resolved yet then you have to wait. It will take time to recrawl and reprocess. You can submit the URLs manually by using the URL inspection tool of the Google search console. But even after the manual submission, it will take time to reflect on the result.

Google announcement:

One of Google's representatives Caio Barros says that this issue is due to the chat app and we have resolved it. And says there is no need to do something special this will automatically process. He wrote in detail on the google community forum:

Hello, all!

We have been receiving some reports of a "(1)" showing up in some titles in search results. Upon some investigation, our Product Experts noticed that this behavior happened to websites built in Shopify and were using a chat app. It looks like these sites used a chat-bot script which added a "(1)" to the page's title element. Titles changed with JavaScript can still be picked up, and used as title links in Search.

However, it looks like that script has been fixed to no longer change the page's title element, so as Googlebot reprocess pages, it will no longer see the "(1)" as a part of the pages' title, and we can take that into account when generating title links in Search. Keep in mind that title links in Search aren't always exactly the same as the title element of a page, so it's not guaranteed that Google will drop that element immediately after reprocessing.

There's no need to do anything special to have pages reprocessed. This should happen automatically over time. We crawl and reprocess pages at different rates, usually you'll see important pages like a site's homepage reprocessed fairly quickly, within a few days at most. Other pages may take longer to be reprocessed.

Thank you all for the reports!

Why does this issue need to be resolved?

This issue bothers both the Shopify website owners and the users. It could affect website ranking and the credibility of the website. URLs with such issues can mentally impact the user while they are looking for the products online because URLs look less authoritative. So, it became important to resolve this issue.