How to Import Reviews from CJdropshipping to Shopify?

How to Import Reviews from CJdropshipping to Shopify?

It's easy to import reviews from CJdropshipping to Shopify when following the steps in this guide.

Transferring all your CJDropshipping reviews to the Shopify platform is a good way to boost your Shopify store sales and build customer trust. According to PowerReviews, 99.90% of customers read reviews before they purchase online.

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Customers trust reviews as personal recommendations from friends and family members. According to BazaarVoice, Product pages with reviews bring 3.5 times more conversions than those without.

You know the importance of reviews to run a successful online business. Let's jump to the guide without taking more time.

Guide to Import Reviews from CJdropshipping to Shopify?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to import reviews from CJdropshipping to Shopify.

  1. Log in to your CJ Dropshipping account and navigate to the "Review" tab on the left-hand side.
  2. Select the reviews that you want to import by clicking the checkboxes next to each review.
  3. Click the "Export" button and select "Shopify" as the export option.
  4. Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to the "Products" tab on the left-hand side.
  5. Select the product that you want to import the reviews for.
  6. Click the "More actions" button and select "Import reviews" from the dropdown menu.
  7. Click the "Choose file" button and select the CSV file that you downloaded from CJ Dropshipping.
  8. Make sure that the columns in the CSV file match the columns in Shopify's import review template.
  9. Click the "Import reviews" button to import the reviews to your Shopify store.
  10. Once the reviews have been imported, you can optimize them for SEO by doing the following:
    - Add relevant keywords in the review title and description.
    - Include the product name and brand in the review.
    - Encourage customers to leave detailed reviews that include specific product features and benefits.
    - Respond to customer reviews in a timely and professional manner to show that you value their feedback.
  11. After optimizing the reviews for SEO, you can further improve their visibility by adding a review app to your Shopify store. Some popular review apps include Yotpo,, and Loox.

Following these steps and optimizing your imported reviews for SEO can improve your product visibility and drive more traffic to your Shopify store.

Add Product Reviews on Collection Page

If you find difficulties in importing reviews manually, then you can use the plugins or Shopify app to import reviews from CJ Dropshipping to your Shopify store.

We are considering the two apps, Loox and Ali Reviews, to explain how to import Cj Dropshipping reviews to Shopify. Let’s jump to the guide.

Guide to Import Reviews from CJDropshipping to Shopify with Plugin or App

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Install the Loox or Ali Reviews app on your Shopify store.
  2. In the app settings, select CJ Dropshipping as the source for importing reviews.
  3. Enter your CJ Dropshipping API credentials in the app settings. You can obtain these credentials by logging into your CJ Dropshipping account and navigating to the API section.
  4. Configure the settings for the imported reviews, such as the number of reviews to display and the review rating threshold.
  5. Save the settings and wait for the app to import the reviews from CJ Dropshipping.
  6. Once the reviews are imported, you can display them on your Shopify product pages using the app's widgets.

If you are using the other app rather than the two apps we consider, then a few steps may differ according to the app you use.


Increasing sales reviews is a good strategy for you. Shopify stores with reviews always have better sales as compared to stores without. After reading the complete guide, you can import reviews from CJDropshipping to the Shopify store. If you still need assistance, then you can contact us.