Unified Media Library Pools New Shopify Improvement

Unified Media Library Pools - A New Improvement Added to Shopify

A new update on 8th May 2023 by Shopify will help all Shopify store owners manage their Shopify store's media.

Shopify has significantly updated its media library to centralize media across the platform. They have unified files across content and products, which means that product media is now available in the files section within content in the admin.

Unified media library pools

In addition to this, they have added a few features to make unified file management easier.

One of these features is the new Used-In column in the content/files section. It lets you see if a file is being used across Shopify, including in Metaobjects, Products, and Brand Settings.

Another helpful feature is the corresponding "used_in" filter that enables you to find files used by products easily.

Unified media library pools shopify update

Shopify has also introduced a new file selector in the online store editor. This new modal allows merchants to save views, filter within the selector itself, and easily toggle between different media types as applicable. These updates will greatly improve media management for Shopify users.

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