What Are Some Common Issues that Can Arise During a Shopify Theme Update?

What Are Some Common Issues that Can Arise During a Shopify Theme Update?

When you update the Shopify theme, there are some issues you can face after the publish the changes. So when you are going to update your Shopify theme, prepare for the issues you will face.

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Here are the most common issues that Shopify businesses face when updating their Shopify theme.

  1. Custom code conflicts: If you use custom code or apps to add additional functionalities and features to your store, then the update could cause conflicts with this code. That can result in broken functionality, errors, or a wholly broken website.
  2. Missing content: Depending on the nature of the update, some content or features previously available in your theme may be excluded. That could lead to missing content, broken links, or other issues.
  3. Layout changes: Updates can sometimes cause changes to the layout of your website and content structure, including the placement of content, navigation menus, or other design elements. That can be confusing for visitors and may require additional work to fix.
  4. Slow loading times: Some updates may include larger files or more complex code, which could slow down your website's loading times. That can negatively impact user experience and even hurt your search engine rankings.
  5. Compatibility issues: If you have integrated third-party apps or software with your Shopify store, updates may cause compatibility issues that prevent these integrations from working correctly. That can result in lost functionality and potentially lost sales.

After reading about the common issues of a theme update, the next question that must be in your mind is how to prevent your Shopify store from such issues.

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So, as a Shopify business owner.

Here are a few steps you can take to prepare for any potential issues that may arise after updating your theme:

Back up your website

Before making any updates and publishing changes, creating a backup of your website is essential. If something goes wrong during the update, you can quickly restore your site to its previous state.

Check for compatibility

If you have any third-party apps or software integrated with your Shopify store, check for compatibility with the updated theme. You may need to reach out to the app developers or seek the help of a Shopify expert to ensure that everything works smoothly.

Hire an expert

You can hire expert Shopify developers and designers to update your Shopify store theme. If any issues arise, then the expert will fix them immediately. This will save you time and business.

Test on a staging site

Create a staging site where you can test the updated theme without affecting your live site. This will allow you to identify and fix any issues before pushing the changes to your live website.

Document your customizations

If you have made any customizations to your theme, document them so you can easily replicate them after the update. This will save you time and effort in the long run.

Be patient

It's essential to be patient and allow for some trial and error during the update process. It may take some time to identify and fix any issues, but with careful preparation and a willingness to troubleshoot, you can minimize the impact on your business.


Now, you are ready to encounter any issues arising after updating the theme and prepare for them without wasting much time. If you want to make the complete theme update process smooth and hassle-free, contact us through the live chat option available on our website and get the assistance of our Shopify experts.