Dropshipping Business Ideas

70+ Dropshipping Business Ideas to Start in 2024

Dropshipping business ideas for entrepreneurs in 2024 who are looking for a highly profitable business with low risk and almost no money. Dropshipping is one of the best business models for low risk and high profit. People think it is modern, but it is the same as a retail shop offline in a way. In dropshipping, you have to sell products from suppliers (in retail shops, it's wholesalers) to customers and earn a commission. The only difference between retail shops and dropshipping is that you don't need to invest in inventory, physical shops, or resources and are restricted to a place.

Drop Shipping has become the first choice for new entrepreneurs because it is low risk, requires minimum money, requires no physical space, is management-free, and can be run from anywhere in the world for customers worldwide.

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Dropshipping Business Ideas in 2024

The first and most crucial step in starting your dropshipping business is to choose the right business idea that can be sustained for a long time, according to market trends, demand, competition, and profit.

We list the best dropshipping business ideas whether you are a beginner or a dropshipping expert.

  1. Home Decor and Furniture

Home decor and furniture are among the best business niches to start your dropshipping business. With more people spending time at home, there is a growing demand for home decor and furniture. According to Statista, In 2024, the Home Décor market worldwide made a massive $128.70 billion in revenue, and it is projected to grow with a 5.33% growth rate annually till 2028. You can sell a wide variety of products, such as:

  • 2. Furniture
  • 3. Decor
  • 4. Kitchen and Dining
  • 5. Bedding
  • 6. Home Improvement
  • 7. Lawn and Garden
  • 8. Bath
  • 9. Appliances
  • 10. Event and Party Supplies
  • 11. Power and Hand Tools
  • 12. Lamps and Light Fixtures
  • 13. Fine Art
  • 14. Gift
  1. Beauty and Skincare

Beauty and skincare products are always in demand as the population grows. People are always looking for new ways to improve their appearance, so the beauty and skincare business can be a profitable dropshipping niche for you starting in 2024. However, if you are looking for business in the long run, it is important to build trust with customers by selling high-quality products and providing accurate descriptions.

Dropshipping Business Ideas

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  1. Outdoor

Outdoor product selling is another good dropshipping business idea with good profit margins, and you can run for a long time. The industry is constantly growing as people start doing outdoor activities after a frustrating and busy life schedule. The outdoor industry niche also includes the profitable businesses as follows.

  • 17. Outdoor Furniture
  • 18. Camping and Hiking
  • 19. Out Decor
  • 20. Cycling and Wheel Sports
  • 21. Pools, Hot Tubs and Supplies
  • 22. RV Equipment
  • 23. Grills & Outdoor Cooking
  • 24. Outdoor Storage
  • 25. Outdoor Recreation
  • 26. Playground & Park Equipment
  • 27. Scooters
  • 28. Climbing
  • 29. Skateboarding
  • 30. Outdoor Heating & Cooling
  • 31. Electronics
  • 32. Deck Tiles & Planks
  • 33. Dog Sports
  1. Fashion Clothing and Accessories

Fashion clothing and accessories are a popular choice for dropshipping because there is a constant demand for new styles and trends as the latest generation keeps up. You can target a specific niche, such as sustainable clothing, athletic wear, or plus-size clothing. The fashion, clothing, and accessories industry includes many categories based on age, gender, and type of products. These can include jewelry (such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets), handbags, belts, scarves, hats, sunglasses, watches, and shoes.

Dropshipping Business Ideas
  1. Toys, Kids and Baby Products

Toys, kids and baby products are another high-demand niche. The industry keeps growing with time. According to Statista, In 2024, the revenue in the Toys for Toddlers & Kids market worldwide amounts to a staggering US$28bn. The market growth is annually projected at 2.36% from 2024 to 2028. You can choose any category from Toys, Kids' Clothing and Accessories, Baby Care Products, Educational Materials, Baby Gear and Safety Products, and Kids' Furniture and Decor.

  1. Sports

The sports industry is one more dropshipping business niche to start in 2024. If you are a sports lover or enthusiast, it is best to make money by following your passion. There are many products to sell in this niche, including fan gear, yoga accessories, and sports equipment for different kinds of sports.

  1. Pet Supplies

According to Statista, the pet supplies industry is growing by 10% every year. According to APPA reports, the projected sales were $143.6 billion. So, if you love animals, this is the right industry to start your dropshipping business. People love to spoil their pets so that pet supplies can be a lucrative dropshipping niche. You can sell food, toys, treats, and other pet care products.

  1. Electronics

The electronics industry has a huge market globally, so you have a tremendous opportunity to start a dropshipping business in this niche. There are thousands of products you can start selling from the dropshipping suppliers. You can sell chargers, batteries, mobile accessories, cameras, headphones, wearable technology, car electronics, general electronics, portable audio & video, Bluetooth & wireless speakers, home audio & theater, electronics accessories, TV & video iPod, and MP3 & Media Players.

Dropshipping Business Ideas

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  1. Computers and Office Supplies

Computers and office supplies are another dropshipping business niche to start in 2024. This niche has enormous potential for dropshippers like you and has high margins and profits. You can sell different types of products, including the following categories:

  • 40. Office and School Supplies
  • 41. Computer & Office Accessories
  • 42. Printers
  • 43. Networking
  • 44. Drives & Storage
  • 45. Monitors
  1. Industrial

Industrial equipment and supplies are a highly profitable dropshipping business idea to start. You can dropship the number of products from thousands of suppliers that are available online. You can choose any of the following categories and start your dropshipping business now:

  • 47. Cutting Tools
  • 48. Tapes, Adhesives & Sealants
  • 49. Filtration
  • 50. Hardware
  • 51. Fasteners
  • 52. Packaging & Shipping Supplies
  • 53. Industrial Electrical
  • 54. Lab & Scientific Products
  • 55. Occupational Health & Safety Products
  • 56. Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Plumbing
  • 57. Machinery
  • 58. Industrial Power & Hand Tools
  • 59. Abrasive & Finishing Products
  • 60. Test, Measure & Inspect
  • 61. Power Transmission Products
  1. Art and Crafts

Art and crafts dropshipping business ideas are the best if you are also creative. The arts and crafts niche has high margins, and the demand is much higher. You can sell the products in the following categories:

  • 63. Party Decorations & Supplies
  • 64. Painting, Drawing & Art Supplies
  • 65. Sewing
  • 66. Crafting
  • 67. Needlework
  • 68. Scrapbooking & Stamping
  • 69. Beading & Jewelry Making
  • 70. Knitting & Crochet
  1. Automotive

The automotive industry can be a long-term and high-margin venture for you to start as a dropshipping business. This niche has a variety of products, and you can scale your business as the demand increases. You can sell products in a variety of categories, including:

  • 72. Automotive Parts & Accessories
  • 73. Car/Vehicle Electronics & GPS
  • 74. Automotive Tools & Equipment
  1. Entertainment

Another niche to enter in 2024 is the entertainment dropshipping business. You can sell products such as musical instruments, video games, books, comics, and videos.

After choosing the best dropshipping business idea, the next step is to set up a dropshipping store. If you need a fully automated dropshipping store, Shopify is the best platform for you. You can choose us for your Shopify dropshipping store design. We have been creating successful dropshipping stores since 2021.


Choosing a Shopify dropshipping niche is an important step to successfully running a dropshipping business in a highly competitive market. We have listed more than 50 dropshipping business ideas for you. Business success does not only depend on choosing the right business but also on the marketing you do to sell your products.

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