Maximize Shopify Store Conversions with Latest Shopify Features in 2023

Maximize Shopify Store Conversions with Latest Shopify Edition in 2023

Make your Shopify store lightning fast and maximize conversions with new Shopify product updates in 2023

  1. Lightning fast load pages
  2. Improved product search and product recommendations
  3. Shopify promise badge
  4. One page checkout
  5. Sign in with Shop
  6. Customize store with metaobjects
  7. Drag and drop checkout editor

    Let's discuss these features one by one.

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    Lightning Fast Load Pages

    Shopify is continuously working to improve Shopify websites pages loading speed. In 2023, Shopify announced that they had expanded the Global Infrastructure, so customers get a fast shopping experience anywhere in the world.

    Now, Shopify has 270 points of presence globally, increasing Shopify's website speed twice.

    Slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year.

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    Improved Product Search and Product Recommendations

    Shopify provides an improved product search option for a better user experience. Even buyers who write the wrong keywords still get the correct result according to their intent. The new search feature shows the most popular products when the user types words.

    With automated suggestions, buyers find the products faster which they want.

    With advanced Shopify data, product recommendations are better and do not require any historical data. So, even when new visitors land on the website, they get a recommendation and are likely to see it according to search intent.

    Shopify Promise Badge

    When a user purchases products online, they first notice whether the website is trustworthy, and deliver products timely. When you have the Shopify promise badge, it boosts the conversion rate by 25% and maximizes revenue.

    shopify promise badge

    According to Marketing Profs, 53% of customers have canceled or abandoned their purchase because the delivery needed to be faster.

    So when you use Shopify's promise badge it will build customer trust and reduce the abandoned cart numbers.

    One Page Checkout

    As a Shopify website design company and working for more than 5 years in the e-commerce industry, we expected that Shopify would provide this feature earlier, but better late than never is best.

    The "One Page Checkout" is a new Shopify feature. Now, buyers don't need to click next and next again to checkout and pay. Now adding address, payment method, discounts, and product details are on the same page.

    The benefits of one page checkout feature

    One page checkout feature improves website user experience and makes buying easy. Along with this, it has features such as:

    • Buyers don't need to click multiple times to buy products
    • It increases the conversion rate
    • Decrease abandoned cart

    Sign in with Shop

    The "Sign in with Shop" feature allows shop users to buy products without signing in again with a password. This feature uses the passkey or Shop credentials to get users' data.

    Benefits of sign in with shop feature

    Customers using sign in with Shop feature can checkout 4x faster than the standard checkout process.

    Here some other essential benefits of this feature are:

    • Boost the conversion rate by 1.91x compared to other checkout conversion rate
    • Lowering bounce rate
    • Auto-fill user details at the time of checkout
    • Enhance user experience

    Customize store with Metaobjects

    Metaobjects allow Shopify users to create and add customized content and fields in the store. With the metaobjects, you can add multi-field content like product in-detail data, size guides, variants, handling measures, user manual for maximum output, etc.

    Benefits of Metaobjects feature

    • In detail product description boosts conversion rate
    • Enhance user experience
    • Encourage visitors to buy

    Drag and Drop Checkout Editor

    Now you can easily edit, view and change the checkout page look and feel with just the drag and drop Shopify feature. The new drag and drop editor is user friendly and makes changes in minutes you want.

    You can change the logo, color, fonts, and image on the checkout page, making checkout pages more attractive and user friendly.

    Wrapping up

    Shopify is the best platform to start an e-commerce business worldwide. They have an extremely proactive research and development team who continuously work to improve the Shopify platform so their users or entrepreneurs make more profits and become more successful. You need a Shopify expert to add some features to your Shopify store.