Top 10 Shopify Dropshipping Products to Sell in May 2022

Top 10 Shopify Dropshipping Products to Sell in May 2022

After deep market research, we find out the top 10 Shopify dropshipping products to sell in May 2022. These products are most trending on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. In this blog post, we listed out the best dropshipping products to make a high profit for the next few months.

You can find out all these dropshipping products on Ali Express at the best wholesale price.

Here is the list of best Shopify dropshipping products to sell

#1 Seedling easy transplanter

#2 Auto tag remover

#3 Lash separator

#4 Ear wax remover

#5 Sleep swing

#6 Crystal hair erase

#7 Swissklip toenail clipper

#8 Pregnancy safety belt

#9 Reusable fly trap

#10 Console pet seat

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Let’s discuss all the products one by one

#1 Seedling easy transplanter –

Seedling transplanters are tools used to move plants from one place to their desired position. You can use a transplanter to dibber seedlings with a compost surface and pot them to the desired place or in a vase. With the help transplanter, you replace plants without doing damage to the roots of the plant and compost comes up to the lowest leaves.

seedling transplanter dropshipping product

Competitor store

#2 Auto tag remover –

Auto tag remover is a tool used to remove skin tags or warts by freezing them. Almost every person has a wart or tag problem on the skin, which doesn’t look great, and sometimes it looks very ugly. You can remove these tags on your own with the help of auto tag remover without damaging the skin or any side effects.

The product cost is $11 and the selling price is $36 so you can earn 25 dollars on each sale.

auto tag remover dropshipping product

Competitor store

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#3 Lash separator –

A lash separator is a comb used to separate eyelashes from one another. So they don’t look sticky and make your eye look more beautiful. The eyelash separators are one of the trending Shopify dropshipping products in the beauty category. This product is easy to use and carry anywhere and anytime.

lash separator dropshipping products

Competitor store

#4 Ear wax remover –

Ear wax remover is a tool kit for the removal of wax in your ear. Ear wax removal kit is one of the best-selling beauty products nowadays so you can add this product to your store list. It has a large profit margin and is easily available on AliExpress.

The product cost is approx $16 and the selling price is almost $40 which means the profit margin is 24 dollars on each sale.

earwax remover dropshipping product

Competitor store

#5 Sleep swing –

A sleep swing is a product used to make a baby comfortable and moving while sleeping. Babies need motions to sleep, and this sleep swing provides it to babies so they can sleep well. This product is fit for babies from 1 to 4 months and after this most of the babies sleep without any motions.

sleep swing shopify dropshipping product

Competitor store

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#6 Crystal hair eraser –

Crystal hair eraser removes unwanted hair easily when you rub it gently on the skin. This product is trending because it is cheap from expensive laser treatment and has no side effects. It is eco-friendly and reusable for up to 2-3 years.

The product cost is $11.5 and the selling price is $44 which means the profit margin on this product is 32.5 dollars.

crystal hair eraser shopify dropshipping product

Competitor Store

#7 Swissklip toenail clipper –

Swissklip toe nail clippers are heavy-duty clippers different from regular nail clippers. These are designed to clip thick and ingrown nails. This beauty product is needed for every gender and age so the demand is higher in the market. Good product to choose and sell on your Shopify dropshipping store.

The product cost is approx $4.5 and you can sell it at the price of $39 and your approx margin is almost 34.5 dollars.

swissklip toenail clipper shopify dropshipping product to sell in may

Competitor store

#8 Pregnancy safety belt

Conventional seat belts can be dangerous for pregnant women. At the time accident, the extreme force exerted onto the belly from the lap belt can hurt the unborn baby. To overcome this danger pregnancy safety seat belts are the best product and these are quite popular nowadays. You can list this product on your dropshipping store and can make a profit.

The product cost is approx $10.5 and the selling price is $34 which means the profit margin is almost more than 23 dollars.

pregnancy safety seat belt

Competitor store

#9 Reusable fly trap –

A reusable fly trap catches flys and bugs. It is useful for both indoor and outdoor houses, farms, and restaurants. Its sales increase in summer. This product has a high margin value you can buy this product at approx $9 and can sell it at $39 with 30 dollar profit margin.

fly trap aliexpress dropshipping product

Competitor store

#10 Console pet seat –

The console pet seat is the tool to carry your pet in the car with you safely and comfortably. This product is popular and has amazing sales growth because people love pets. You can find this product at approx $25 and can sell it at $65. It has 40 dollar profit margin for each piece of product. You can list it on your dropshipping Shopify website to earn your profit share.

console pet seat

Competitor store

End Words

These are the top 10 dropshipping products to sell in 2022, according to us. You can choose any of the products according to your website niche. After deep research and from many online resources we have chosen our best dropshipping product that can boost your Shopify store sales.

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