Frequently Asked Questions

Small Shopify tasks are quickly fixable issues or changes to Shopify stores. Shopify issues can resolve within an hour. These small tasks include installing the Shopify app, setting up Facebook tracking pixels, basic theme settings/customization, setting up a domain, setting up Google Adwords, image editing basic e-commerce, navigation menu changes, custom fonts, etc.

No, there are no hidden charges. At Ecomheroes, we focus on delivering quality work at a very low cost compared to others. Hundreds of small Shopify tasks and tweaks are listed at fixed prices. We don’t charge you for the process. We only charge for the completion of the task.

The minimum turnaround time for small tasks is two business days or the day after ordering. The turnaround time begins after we accept your submission. Revision, errors and added customization may take more time.

Our Shopify expert designers and developers are skilled enough to accomplish any task. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction with an almost 100% success rate. But if you are unsatisfied with the services, we have a refund and cancellation policy to make the refund process easier.

Shopify website design is creating a website to represent the business online using the Shopify platform. You can design a ready-to-sell e-commerce website by just drag and dropping. Shopify has built-in options to create sections, such as hero image sections, product page sections, shipping integration sections, and metadata sections. You can easily manage the store with inventory and order management options.

Shopify development is creating or developing an e-commerce store or website using Shopify's features, functionality, and elements. Shopify development includes Shopify store development, theme development, app development, website development, etc.

You Should hire a Shopify web developer if you want an authentic, user-friendly, fully functional, and payment gateway-integrated website. But if you need a basic website, you can build yourself with Shopify.

To choose a Shopify development company, evaluate the following points of the company.

  • Simple development process
  • A good work portfolio
  • Excellent client reviews
  • Experienced Shopify developers Good communication
  • Support team
  • Clear policy

At Ecomheroes, you can hire a Shopify web developer at $49. We have listed the predefined Shopify tasks and tweaks based on Shopify development, design, and integration issues. Our task price starts at $49, and the full Shopify development task price is $1499. So you don't need to pay web developers on an hourly basis. It saves you money and time.

Find a Shopify developer and designer at Ecomheroes. We are Shopify design and development company. Shopify business owners can hire designers, developers, or experts from Ecomheroes.

Ecomheroeos is a professional Shopify web store development company globally. Our core focus is to serve only the Shopify-based website industry. So our team of expert developers has the skills and expertise to develop a good Shopify web store.

Ecomheroes is one of the top Shopify development companies to hire worldwide. Ecomheroes only work in the Shopify domain, providing design and development services only for Shopify businesses. Thus Ecomheroes focus on only one technology; their solutions are best according to e-commerce industry standards.

The Shopify development company offers different Shopify development services in a single place. So you can hire up to one company to do different Shopify development tasks. Shopify development services include:

  • Shopify store setup
  • Shopify store development
  • Shopify theme development
  • Shopify app development
  • Shopify custom development

The best way to hire great Shopify developers is to check their previous work, skill set, working experience, communication skills, custom development in previous projects, and problems they solve. Ask your friends and colleagues if they know any Shopify developers.

When you hire Shopify developers, they save you time and money and build the Shopify website exactly as you want. They deliver quality work and integrate additional functionalities and features according to your specific business requirement.

Ecomheroes is the best app development company for Shopify. Ecomheroes have an in-house team of Shopify app developers who have built 100+ Shopify apps for different businesses. Ecomheroes team of developers has more than 40+ years of collective experience in Shopify app development.

Ecomheroes gives you free support for 15 days after successfully integrating the application into your Shopify store.

To hire the best Shopify development company, consider the following points:

  • Prepare points to ask
  • Check reviews and ratings
  • Check client testimonial
  • Check previous work
  • Assess the experience and proven skills
  • Assess working methodology
  • Check company offer post-launch support
  • Check agreements and policies

If you want to hire the best Shopify theme development agency:

    1. Check the previous themes they have developed.
    2. Ask if they can develop the theme based on your requirement.
    3. Check the resources they have.
    4. Check the reviews and ratings related to theme development work and ask for their speciality.

      When you hire a Shopify development agency, you get the benefits as follows:

      • Dedicated Shopify developers
      • No need to hire more than one developer for other development tasks
      • Well-experienced and professional
      • On-time delivery
      • 24*7 support
      • Agile development process
      • 100% work satisfaction
      • More search engine-friendly website
      • Experienced and better problem-solving skills
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