Magento to Shopify Migration Service

Are looking for a Magento to Shopify migration service to migrate your existing Magento store to the Shopify platform, then you have landed on the right page. We are an agency that provides Shopify migration services to e-commerce entrepreneurs.

I Want to Migrate Existing Magento Store to Shopify

Migrate from Magento to Shopify

Migrating from Magento to Shopify is never easy; you need hands-on experience and knowledge of both platforms. So don’t put your existing store sales, value, traffic, and data at risk by doing it yourself. Let our Shopify experts, who have been doing this for 4 years, handle this and have delivered 100+ projects with 100% accuracy.

Data We Transfer in Megento to Shopify Migration

Magento to Shopify migration, we transfer the following data:

  • Products:

    • Name
    • Full Description
    • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
    • Status (Active, Inactive, etc.)
    • Manufacturer
    • Price
    • Special Price (Sale Price)
    • URL (consider 301 redirects for SEO)
    • Meta Title and Description (for SEO)
    • Weight
    • Variants (with limitations on options and quantity in Shopify)
    • Additional Images
    • Quantity
    • Inventory Management data
  • Product Categories:

    • Name
    • Description
    • Status (Active, Inactive, etc.)
    • URL (consider 301 redirects for SEO)
    • Meta Title and Description (for SEO)
    • Images, and Videos
  • Manufacturers


  • Customers

    • Email Address
    • Customer Group (loyalty programs etc.)
    • Newsletter Signup Status
    • Billing Address
    • Shipping Address
  • Orders

    • Order ID
    • Order Date
    • Order Status
    • Ordered Products (including details like price and quantity)
    • Coupons Used
    • Reviews (content, rating, author information)
  • Additional Data (depending on your store setup):

    • CMS Pages (static content)
    • Blog Posts (if applicable)
    • Discounts and Coupons
    • Customer Accounts and Login Information (migrated securely)
    • Shipping Settings
    • Tax Settings

After we complete the migration, we test and review all the different checkpoints to ensure you get the new Shopify store you want.

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Why Partner with Us for Magento to Shopify Migration?

When you partner with us, we not only migrate data but also provide after-migration support so you can run your business without interruption and losing revenue. We keep the following promises:

100% accurate data migration

Magento and Shopify are two different platforms with different database structures, so it’s difficult to transfer data with 100 percent accuracy, but our Shopify expert knows the technique behind it and ensures accurate database migration.

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Aligning processes with business requirements

Before starting migration, we align the process with your business requirements and goals. Because it is important that the process will not break the functioning of business and revenue. We analyze gaps, communicate, implement, measure, and monitor them.

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Theme customization

We do Shopify theme customization to achieve the same level of UI and UX perfection your store already has because pre built themes are completely different. We also add custom theme design if you need some new look to the migrated store.

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Custom functionality transfer

We transferred all functionalities from Magento to Shopify so users find the same features even in your new store. This boosts your brand credibility and value. If you need custom functionalities to be added to a new store, we add custom features.

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Required Shopify configuration

We configure the additional required settings for your newly transferred Shopify e-commerce store. We discuss the required configurations before starting the migration process that you need to achieve the final goal you visualize.

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Complete testing

We test the complete store before launch and after launch if there are still some issues or bugs we fix all of them. Our Shopify experts review all the features and functionalities that they are working properly after the launch.

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Magento to Shopify Migration Checklist

We believe in 100 percent transparency and quality. Here's a checklist to follow from the start of the project to the end:

  • Preparation:

    1. Evaluate Your Needs:

    We assess your current Magento store and identify the data you want to migrate to your new store (products, customers, orders, etc.) before starting the migration process.

    2. Backup Your Magento Store:

    We create a full backup of your Magento store's data and files for security in case of any issues.

    3. Set Up Your Shopify Store:

    We start the process with signing up for a Shopify plan and customize your store's theme to match your brand identity.

    Data Migration Checklist:

    4. Prepare Your Data:

    We clean and format your Magento data (ensure data integrity for smooth import). This step involves removing duplicates and ensuring data adheres to Shopify's format requirements.

    5. Migrate Products:

    We export product data including name, description, variants, images, etc. from Magento and import it into Shopify.

    6. Migrate Customers:

    We migrate customer data including email, addresses, order history securely, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

    7. Migrate Orders:

    We migrate order data like order details, products, status to Shopify, considering historical data for customer reference.

    8. Migrate Other Important Data:

    Migrate additional data like CMS pages, blog posts, discounts, and settings based on your needs.

    Post-Migration Checklist:

    9. Test Your Store:

    After the migration process completes we thoroughly test all functionalities in Shopify (product pages, checkout, search, etc.) to identify and fix any issues.

    10. Set Up Payment & Shipping:

    Our Shopify experts configure payment gateways and shipping options in Shopify to ensure a smooth customer experience.

    11. Set Up Redirects (SEO):

    We implement 301 redirects from your old Magento URLs to the corresponding Shopify URLs to preserve SEO value and traffic.

    12. SEO Optimization:

    We review and optimize product descriptions, meta titles, and meta descriptions for better search engine ranking in Shopify.

    13. Launch Your Store:

    Once everything is tested and functional, we launch your new Shopify store.

    14. Monitor Your Store:

    After launch we monitor your store's performance in Shopify and fix issues and bugs if found.

Let’s talk to our expert Shopify developers if you have other specific Shopify Migration Service needs.

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