AI Tool to Find Winning Dropshipping Products

Amazing AI Tool to Find Winning Dropshipping Products

The popularity of dropshipping has continued to increase over time, making it even more imperative for entrepreneurs to stay ahead of their competition.

A critical factor in achieving success in dropshipping is the ability to identify winning products with high demand. However, the manual process of searching for profitable products can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

That's where ScrapWave comes into play, a new artificial intelligence powered tool that can streamline the product searching process.

ScrapWave is a powerful tool that employs advanced algorithms to search and analyze millions of products on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay.

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This innovative tool provides users with invaluable insights into the latest trending products, their sales history, and customer reviews. Such information can help entrepreneurs identify profitable products with high demand, low competition, and a good profit margin.

Features of ScrapWave

Here are the features you should know of ScrapWave.

Real time sale data

When you manually research dropshipping products on AliExpress, eBay, Amazon or any other marketplace, it’s hard to find trending and demanding products.

Here the ScrapWave comes; it monitors the sale data 24/7 on marketplaces and suggests you immediately whenever a particular product sales trickle up. So you get a real-time idea of what products are trending.

Filter trending products

You can use the filter option to find the latest products based on the days they are trending, like 90 days, 30 days, 7 days and the last 24 hours. This will give the number of trending products immediately.

Graphical sales data

Click on the product you want to add to your Shopify store, and you will get the graphical sales data of the product. You can analyze the reviews, sales status, and sales vs. days statistics to measure how the product's sales grow daily.

Exclusive & amazing

ScrapWave is exclusive and amazing because over 200,000 products are available, and 5000+ products are analyzed daily. Get amazing data on trending products globally selling on well-known marketplaces.

The tool boasts many features, including the ability to filter products based on specific criteria, such as product category, price range, and shipping time.

ScrapWave also provides users with detailed data on the number of competitors selling the same product and their pricing strategies, which can assist entrepreneurs in determining the most effective pricing strategy for their products.

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In addition to the above features, ScrapWave can also monitor product trends over time by analyzing historical sales data. This crucial feature empowers users to identify products gaining or losing popularity, enabling them to make informed decisions about which products to add or remove from their inventory.


ScrapWave has three different plans. Suitable for all dropshipping retailers, whether you are a beginner or running a business for a long time. Here are the plans.

Free Start

Price - Free


  • 10 winning products per week
  • 72h of statistics included
  • Free for life


Price - $39/month


  • AliExpress & Amazon spy
  • 60-day product statistics
  • Daily Product Tracker
  • No AI Mode

Full AI Mode

Price - $89/month


  • Spy on all marketplaces
  • Unlimited product statistics
  • Recommended products by AI
  • Full Al mode unlocked
scrapwave ai hunter tool pricing
Image source: Scrapwave Pricing


To get a cheaper plan, select yearly packages.

ScrapWave goes beyond the traditional search and analysis capabilities of AI tools, providing users with a range of features to assist them in managing their dropshipping business. One such feature is the tool's ability to automate importing products into a store and tracking inventory levels and fulfillment statuses


ScrapWave is a remarkable tool that can help entrepreneurs save time and decide which products to sell. With detailed insights into product trends, competition, and pricing strategies, businesses can stay ahead of the competition in the fast-paced world of dropshipping. ScrapWave's advanced search and analysis capabilities and other innovative features make it an invaluable tool for dropshipping entrepreneurs.

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