Shopify Shutting Down The Oberlo App

Shopify Shutting Down The Oberlo App

Shopify Shutting Down The Oberlo App

The latest news for the Shopify business owners who are using Oberlo is that Shopify shutting down the Oberlo app from June 15, 2022. Shopify did not give any specific reason for shutting down this dropshipping Oberlo app. It seems to be a step to provide a better customer experience for the dropshipping business owners.

Shopify dropshipping app Oberlo will not be available in the app store after 15 June. So the dropshippers who are using this Oberlo extension should migrate their data to DSers using the migration app or manually. Oberlo users can also hire Shopify experts to migrate stores from Oberlo to DSers if they don’t want to lose any data.

Has Shopify already deleted the Oberlo app?

Yes, Shopify removed the Oberlo dropshipping app on 11 May 2022. After this date, if you are uninstalled this app will not be able to reinstall.

Are dropshippers need to worry about Oberlo shutting down?

Dropshippers, you don’t need to worry much about it. Instead of thinking about this, you need to plan the migration of your existing dropshipping store to another dropshipping app. Shopify suggested the DSers app as the best migration option.

Alternative app option for Oberlo: DSers

DSers app is the best AliExpress dropshipping app that can be easily integrated into the Shopify platform. With the help of the DSers app, you can order single products from multiple vendors, track delivery, and manage payments at your convenience.

Why DSers is the best alternative to Oberlo?

  • DSers has 7060 reviews on the Shopify app store.
  • DSers has a 5 start rating.
  • Exclusive support
  • You can place 100s of orders to AliExpress in seconds & Find suppliers

Shopify also suggested the DSers app use an alternative option for Oberlo

Will the existing users get money back for the unused Oberlo subscription?

As mentioned on the Oberlo website the users who purchased the Oberlo subscription plan will get their money back or receive Shopify app credit depending on where they are billed.

  • If you purchased a plan from the Oberlo website then you will receive a refund.
  • If you purchased a plan from the Shopify website then you will get a Shopify credit in your account.

After June 15, all remaining Oberlo subscriptions will cancel automatically. Users will get the refund calculated on their remaining subscription days.

How can I migrate dropshipping store from Oberlo to DSers?

It is easy to migrate your dropshipping store data, for this, you need to choose to continue your dropshipping business and use the DSers app, and all the Oberlo data will automatically migrate from Oberlo to the DSers app.

The manual migration of data only allowed Oberlo to DSers app by Shopify. If you are migrating data to other dropshipping apps then you need to follow other processes.


Shopify dropshipping store owners need to migrate their store before the 15th  of June 2022. We also discussed all important points related to the Oberlo shutting down news. Hope this post helps you to get answers to all your question on the Oberlo shut down.