Shopify Theme Customization Services

Your Shopify website should be unique. For this, you need Shopify theme customization services that customize and design each element of the store theme that represents your business. At Ecomheroes, our in-house Shopify expert designers are helping Shopify businesses with branding through intuitive, easily accessible, web-friendly, and unique user interface designs, colors, and graphics.

Need for Shopify Theme Customization Services

On the Shopify platform, 114 themes or e-commerce website templates are available, including both paid and free, and 4.1 million plus businesses are using Shopify, according to BuiltWith. So they are either using the Shopify theme templates or custom theme development for their store.
We can say thousands of businesses are using the same Shopify theme for their store, so the chances of being unique are very low. But if you want to brand yourself online, you need a unique-looking website that stands out from the competition.
You need a Shopify theme customization service that creates a unique Shopify store with limited theme constraints. We have worked for the last 5 years in the e-commerce industry and have built 130 + Shopify stores for businesses globally.
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Benefits of Theme Customization to Your Business

Customized theme Shopify websites generate more sales as compared to others. Here are the benefits of Shopify theme customization for your business:

Increase revenue

Theme customization allows the placement of the CTA(call to action) buttons on the website where they should be to increase conversions. We can change color combinations, graphics, sections, hero images, form fields, product description fields, headers, and footers tailored to your brand demand and customers' behavior.
Your website should speak about what you sell, to whom you sell, and your USP, and answer all possible customer questions.

Create a strong first impression

We all know that "First Impression is the Last Impression" A website is an online representation of your business. According to research, a user only takes 50 milliseconds to decide to stay on the website or leave it. Thus, you have a fraction of a second to make a deal or not. Customization allows you to add elements that keep engaging visitors.
Studies say it takes 2.6 seconds for visitors to see key areas of a web page. Make certain website key areas, such as the Logo, Navigation menu, search box, hero image, etc., in the right place.

Better search engine rankings

We use compressed images, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS codes to customize the store theme. We remove unnecessary codes, third-party scripts, heavy-size images, inline CSS, comments, and JavaScript that are unused. These changes help to get a better ranking in SERPs.
These custom changes boost page loading speed and help the search engine ranking of store pages. According to Akamai: 40% of users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds.

Minimize website bounce rate

Bounce rate is the factor that comes when users find the website inappropriate, unfriendly, and unorganized. This factor does not affect your search engine ranking but can diminish your revenue or brand value. If an e-commerce website has a bounce rate between 20% to 45%, then it is regarded as a good store.
So, to keep the bounce rate low, we need to customize the website user experience, responsiveness, CTA, website architecture, navigation, graphics, and internal linking.

Brand consistency

Customized website design boosts brand awareness and authenticity. According to a study, brand consistency boosts average revenue by 23% of online businesses. We can achieve brand consistency through theme customization by using a constant color scheme, whitespace, font family, font style, content tone, and images.
Customers need to recognize the brand before making a purchase. According to an online study, 71% of customers prefer to buy products or services from a brand they recognize.

Improve credibility

Adding custom sections such as client testimonials, case studies, reviews, FAQs, videos, trust seals, and contact details during theme customization help increase the brand's credibility and encourage visitors to buy products and services.
Attract customers and boost conversions by easing visitors' buying journey with straightforward store navigation flow and sales funnels with Shopify theme customization. Improved credibility increases brand awareness among the target audience and shortens sales cycles.

We Have Customized Shopify Themes

We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable Shopify website design experts for customizing the Shopify theme according to business needs and target audience purchasing behavior. So you get what you need to run a successful business.
Our theme customization services by Shopify designers made the custom changes in Shopify liquid files without mess any functionality.

We have customized the following theme so far:
Industries we have served so far:
Jewelry and accessories
Health & beauty
Home & decor
Pet supplies
Toys & games
Food and drink
Baby & kids
Outdoor & garden

Our Range of Shopify Theme Customization Services

Custom functionality

Shopify is the best platform to start an e-commerce business, and it comes with several built-in functionalities and features to run any business. But some businesses need special functionalities on their store for unique user experience. Our expert Shopify web designers add custom functionalities to the Shopify themes according to your need.

Design structure customization

Shopify theme store has different designed themes based on different industries and businesses' requirements. But some brands need a unique website layout that represents a business with more meaningful to their target audience. So hire a Shopify theme customization expert who redesigns and customizes the theme structure.

Graphics customization

You can not use the graphics, icons, and product image data that come with the theme. It would be best if you had custom graphics, images, and icons to showcase your products and services. Thus it would help if you had Shopify website designers who can create and customize the graphics like hero images, slider banners, icons, optimized product images, etc., for a better user experience.

Typography adjustment

Typography is important to promote legibility and communicate with visitors. Typography conveys your sentiment and tone of content and creates brand value in customers' minds. So if you want to create a brand for your Shopify store, you need a Shopify UI/UX expert who can customize typography fonts, family, colors, combinations, and look.

Color scheme adjustment

A custom color scheme is essential for branding. Colors help users to easily navigate the website and understand the importance of different sections. Our Shopify theme customization includes a color adjustment to boost your brand recognition and attract visitors to engage with the website. A great color scheme also reduces the bounce rate from the website.

Why Choose Ecomheroes for Shopify Theme Customization

Choosing a professional theme customization company or agency is important if you want to maximize the theme options and limitations to reach your dream store in less time.

In-house Shopify Designers Team

We have an in-house team of Shopify designers, so when you choose Ecomhereos for theme customization services, your project will never delay due lack of resources. You never get the issues like low work performance, discoordination, and project delay. order now

5+ Years of Experience in Shopify Industry

We have a team of professionals who have worked in the e-commerce and Shopify industry for over 5 years. Our designers greatly understand working with Shopify theme liquid files and delivering pixel-perfect design. order now

Responsive & SEO-Friendly Customization

The website should be responsive and SEO-friendly to get a higher rank in Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). Our Shopify theme customization expert optimizes the theme according to SEO standards and makes the store responsive to different screen resolutions. order now

Deliver What You Want

We deliver what you expect. Our designers tweak and customize themes for a pixel-perfect store launch. We also give you suggestions and guidance for better performance of the website. We guarantee you 100 percent work satisfaction.order now

On-time Delivery

As we already said, we have an in-house team of Shopify designers and developers who are the best in the business. We follow the agile methodology to deliver the project on time with 100 percent work satisfaction, along with your valuable input.order now

24*7 Experts Support

We have a dedicated team of support engineers ready to help 24*7 and 365 days. We also provide free post-project support for 15 days after delivering the project. You can contact us for support through email and live chat.order now

Our Shopify Theme Customization Process

We follow a simple and effective process to achieve extraordinary results. We break the complete process into 5 simple steps:

Goal Identification

Goal identification is the first step of our Shopify theme customization process. We communicate with clients to identify the goals of customization.

Scope and Limitation Acknowledgement

After understanding your requirements and goals, we start acknowledging the scope of work and limitations of the projects and discuss them with you.

Strategy Planning

Strategy planning is the next step. We plan and make a strategy on how we can achieve the best results within a minimum period according to your business goals.

Theme Customization

Now time to start theme customization; we start making changes to the theme structure, color scheme, icons, graphics, and sections as you want.


Testing is the step just before launch. It is the most important step of the process in which we ensure the change we make is up to the mark and working properly.


Shopify theme customization FAQs

If you want to customize a website on Shopify. You have the two following options:
Do it yourself -
Whether you know to code or not, you can customize your website on Shopify with drag-and-drop options. You can add sections, change color, content, buttons, forms, graphics etc. You can watch online tutorials, blogs and resources also for help.

Hire Shopify website customization expert - Changing some functionalities according to business needs is difficult when you customize yourself. So, here you need to hire Shopify website customization experts. At Ecomheroes, we offer a Shopify store or theme customization service.

To customize your Shopify store, you can get the help of Shopify designers for a business-driven Shopify website. You can do it yourself also by customizing the theme options. But if you want a store that converts visitors into leads, is SEO-friendly, easy to navigate, and user-friendly, choose the Shopify customization services.

Shopify store customization is the process of customizing store elements such as colors, sections, graphics, layout, content, CTA buttons, product pages, collections page, payment options, and more.

If you are looking for Shopify theme customize help, you can check the Shopify theme customization services by Ecomheroes has 5+ years of experience. Ecomheroes offer complete theme customization at a very affordable price for all businesses.

Shopify theme customization is editing and modifying the theme components using a customizer according to branding, business needs, and customer behavior.

Ecomheroes has a team of professional Shopify designers with expertise in manipulating and adjusting theme options according to business needs and requirements.

You need a customized theme if you want:

  • Increase revenue
  • Better search engine ranking
  • Create a strong first impression
  • Enhance branding
  • Minimize bounce rate
  • Beat the competition

It depends on your requirements and store size. A basic Shopify store can be ready to sell within two weeks, and some store theme customization can last for a month or more, depending on the work.

The main benefits of theme customization are stores look more authorized and customer-centric, communicate a business feel, boost conversion rate, are easy to navigate, encourage customers to purchase, and showcase USP.