Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores

Boost Conversions and Sales: 5 Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores

If you are getting traffic but not sales on your Shopify clothing store, then you need to install some apps that will boost conversion rates and increase sales. Your Shopify clothing store's success depends on installing the right apps. These apps improve the customer experience, boost conversion rates, and streamline store management.

In this guide, we tell you the best Shopify apps that you should install, especially if you run a clothing store. These apps can help you achieve your business goals.

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Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores

#1 True Fit AI Size Guidance

True Fit AI Size Guidance Shopify App

We have worked with many Shopify stores and noticed that one of the most significant challenges in online clothing retail is ensuring customers order the correct size.

True Fit AI Size Guidance is an app that replaces traditional size guides with an intelligent, interactive solution. This app allows customers to input their height, weight, age, and preferences and recommends the best size for them.

This app enhances the shopping experience and reduces returns, boosting overall customer satisfaction.


  • Increase the conversion rate and reduce returns by recommending best-size products.
  • Offer AI-based size recommendations.
  • Easy installation, you don’t need to add any code or script.
  • You can customize the design according to your Shopify store pages.


  1. STARTUP: Free up to 100 orders per month.
  2. 1k orders: $49 per month.
  3. 2.5k orders: $149 per month.

#2 UpCart

UpCart Shopify App

UpCart is another excellent app you should have in your Shopify store. This app enhances the shopping cart experience and encourages higher-order values. It adds dynamic features to your cart, such as countdown timers, progress bars for free shipping, and upsell suggestions.

For example, if a customer is a few dollars away from free shipping or a discount, UpCart will notify them, incentivizing additional purchases. This can significantly improve your store's average order value and conversion rates.


  • Sticky cart button.
  • Show a free shipping bar and promotional bar.
  • Add cross-selling and upselling blocks on the cart page.
  • Cart announcement feature.


  1. Development Stores Free
  2. 0-200 ORDERS $29.99 per month Up to 200 monthly store orders.
  3. 201-500 ORDERS $34.99 per month Up to 500 monthly store orders.
  4. 501-1000 ORDERS $54.99 per month Up to 1000 monthly store orders.

#3 Track123

Track123 Shopify App

Shipping anxiety is real, especially for impatient customers eager to receive their orders. An app with a tracking feature will be suitable for handling impatient customers.

Track123 improves the ordering experience by providing a visually appealing, detailed tracking page.

Customers can easily track their package at any given time. Customizable themes and designs allow you to match the tracking page with your store’s branding, enhancing the overall customer experience.


  • Branded tracking page with an auto emailing feature.
  • Provide an option to hide keywords and details for dropshipping stores.
  • Auto sync PayPal tracking, and avoid WISMO calls.
  • Product recommendation features.
  • Analytics dashboard to get insights into track and trace performance.


  1. STARTER - Free for 50 orders per month.
  2. GROWTH - $9 per month or $84 per year.
  3. ADVANCED - $49 per month.
  4. ENTERPRISE - $399 per month.

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#4 Omnisend

Omnisend Shopify App

Email marketing is crucial for any e-commerce business in retaining customers and driving repeat sales. The Omnisend app allows you to create automated email campaigns that inform customers about new product launches, special discounts, and more.

This app has over 5,700 reviews and a 4.8 overall rating.

Offering a discount in exchange for email sign-ups is a fantastic way to build your mailing list. Omnisend provides free plans, making them accessible for stores of all sizes.


  • Easy to create emails, newsletters and SMS campaigns.
  • Intuitive forms like exit-intent popups and spin-to-win.
  • Ready made email marketing and event marketing templates.
  • Collect reviews and show social proofs.


  1. FREE - Free to install and send emails and SMS up to 250 contacts.
  2. STANDARD - $16 per month and send emails and SMS up to 500 contacts.
  3. PRO - $59 per month and send emails and SMS up to 2500 contacts.

#5 Loox

Loox Shopify App

Product reviews can make or break a sale, especially in the clothing industry, where customers want to see how items look in real life.

Loox is the best app to add photo and video reviews and this makes it ideal for clothing stores. Customers can upload images or videos of themselves wearing the products and providing valuable social proof. 

This app has over 19,500 reviews and 4.9 average ratings.

Loox also offers features like rating widgets, popup incentives for leaving reviews, and post-purchase referral programs to further boost engagement and sales.


  • Automatic collects product reviews.
  • Fully customized widgets to show product reviews.
  • One-click referral features.


  1. Beginner - $9.99 per month.
  2. Scale - $34.99 per month.
  3. Unlimited - $299.99 per month.


Picking the right apps can positive­ly reshape your Shopify clothing shop, improving how customers inte­ract with your business and your shop's results. Let's focus on five­ top apps—True Fit AI Size Guidance, UpCart, Track123, Omnise­nd or Klaviyo, and Loox—that we believe should be­ on your radar. By introducing these useful tools, you're­ on the path to a store that is smoother, more­ profitable, and customer-centric than e­ver before.