Shopify Migration Service FAQ

If you want to Migrate to Shopify from other e-commerce platforms, you can choose one of the following options.
You can hire a Shopify expert -
Shopify migration looks easy, but when you start doing it manually or using an app, you find that some data doesn't transfer. For smooth and error-free transfer, you need to make the required changes. If you are not an expert in Shopify or have previous experience, it might be a headache, and the migration process will last longer than expected.
So, hiring a Shopify expert is the right option if you want a professional-looking, SEO-ready and fully functional Shopify website.
Use the Shopify app to migrate - You can use a migration app from the Shopify app store to migrate the existing store to the Shopify platform. You can migrate the complete store data to Shopify with just one click. Apps allow you to remove and reprocess migration if data transfers only partially.
But, often, the data transferred by apps need to be more accurate and complete and resolving these issues may take time and effort. So choosing an expert is the best option even if you want to migrate using an app.
Migrate manually - You can migrate stores manually by copying and pasting each section and page content to Shopify. It might take concentration and time to transfer data with no error.

It depends on the size of the current store. A small e-commerce website with few products and category pages will take a few hours, but with a large store, it will take weeks to transfer complete data.

Again, it depends on the size of your existing store, your requirements, and how many days it requires to transfer and complete setup. You can hire a Shopify expert hourly; the average price to hire a Shopify expert is between 50 - 100 dollars per hour. Depending on working hours, you can get an idea of how much Shopify migration will cost.

When you choose Ecomheroes, we guarantee no downtime during the migration process.

Yes, you can migrate the design of the existing e-commerce store to Shopify. But sometimes, you need to make small changes and tweaks to Shopify elements to match the look of the previous store.

At Ecomheroes, we follow the tried and tested highly secure migration process with no data corruption and loss. We have migrated to more than 50+ stores without data breaches.

According to Shopify, we can add 100 variants of a product and add 3 options for each product. So, Shopify doesn't migrate when you have more than 100 variants. You can use third-party apps, too, bypassing the Shopify constraints.

To migrate the order date correctly, you need to match the time zone of the source store and target store. If the time zone is different on the stores in the migration process, then the order date migrates incorrectly.

If your parent products have variants under them, Shopify doesn't allow you to create SKUs for parent products. You are only allowed to create SKUs for variants or child products.

You can migrate reviews to Shopify by using the apps.

Yes, customer passwords can be migrated to Shopify. You can use any of the following methods.

  • You can migrate customer data manually using CSV.
  • You can use the app Cart2Cart.
  • You can hire Shopify experts from Ecomheroes.

You can follow any process to migrate from Etsy to Shopify.

  • You can do Etsy to Shopify migration manually.
  • You can use different apps from the Shopify app store.
  • You can hire Shopify experts from Ecomheroes.