How Do I Remove Unused JavaScript From Shopify?

How Do I Remove Unused JavaScript From Shopify?

Removing unused JavaScript from your Shopify store can help improve your site's load time and overall performance. Here's a step-by-step guide to eliminating unused JavaScript from your Shopify store:

Step #1

Log in to your Shopify admin panel and click on "Online Store" on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step #2
Click on "Themes", and then select "Actions" and then "Edit Code" for the theme you want to work with.

how do i remove unused javascript from shopify

Step #3
Select the "Layout" folder in the code editor and then click on the "theme.liquid" file.

Step #4
Look for the code section that includes the "<script>" tags for your JavaScript files. This is typically located near the bottom of the file.

Step #5
Identify the JavaScript files that are not being used on your site. This can be done by looking at the file names or by using a tool like Google Chrome's Developer Tools to identify which scripts are not being loaded.

Step #6
Once you've identified the unused JavaScript files, you can remove the "<script>" tags that reference them.

Step #7
Save the changes to the "theme.liquid" file and refresh your site to ensure everything works properly.

If you're uncomfortable editing code directly, you can hire a Shopify developer from Ecomheroes or use a Shopify app to help you optimize your site's performance.

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Why should you remove unused JavaScript from your Shopify store?

When a browser loads a webpage, it must download all the resources associated with that page, including JavaScript files. If there are unnecessary JavaScript files on the page, this can increase the time it takes to load.


If you want to perform well in search result pages and boost your conversion rate, then optimizing your Shopify store loading speed is necessary. Eliminating unused JavaScript is one of the vital steps to improve Store performance.

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