Edit, Customize, Setup, and Design Header in Shopify

We edit, customize, setup, and design header in Shopify for you. Our team of expert Shopify designers assists you with designing and adding custom functionality to the Shopify header according to your business needs.

We Assist You with Shopify Header Tasks and Tweaks

Our designers and developers help you with custom Shopify header design and development. We have listed different tasks like sticky header setup, dropdown menu setup, predictive search bar setup, multi-column drop-down menu, promotional top bar, breadcrumb navigation, ajax cart setup, etc.

Customize header in Shopify

Customize header in Shopify according to your business requirements. We customize header through Shopify admin panel theme option and edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to add the desired functionality to Shopify header.

Edit and setup header in Shopify

We edit and setup header in Shopify. Our team of expert Shopify designers and developers can edit and setup any additional functionalities or features to enhance the user experience of your website.

Design customize Shopify header

Our team of Shopify front-end developers design and customize Shopify headers using custom code, CSS, and JavaScript. We design responsive, user-friendly, advanced, and customizable Shopify headers.

Add sticky fixed header

Need sticky fixed header on Shopify website, so user can quickly access the search bar, menu, and utility navigation without scrolling up top to the page. We add sticky/fixed headers to your Shopify store to provide an improved user experience and save the time of visitors.

Show images in dropdwon menu

Show images in dropdown menu like a giant e-commerce brand Amazon to improve brand value and customer interest. We add images in dropdwon menu so users get an idea about the product under a particular category.

Add multi column dropdown menu

If you are running a multi-category Shopify store, then you need a multi-column dropdown menu to navigate users to the products they want. Our expert Shopify designers add a responsive, user-friendly, and SEO-ready multi-column dropdown menu to your Shopify store that enhances user experience, increases conversion rate, and lowers the bounce rate.

Add breadcrumb navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is an essential part of the website from both user and search engine perspectives. Breadcrumb helps users to know their exact location on the website and improve website visibility in search engines.